Beat Your PR


BEAT YOUR PR This workout is an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). During the workout, you will always do 10 reps of an [...]

Beat Your PR2019-07-15T11:17:27-08:00

I Wanna Tabata


I WANNA TABATA Perfrom each exercise for 20sec, then rest for 10sec, then repeat the same exercise for 20sec, rest for 10sec.... repeat this [...]

I Wanna Tabata2019-07-17T08:45:48-08:00

Fab 10 Circuit


FAB 10 CIRCUIT Perform each exercise for 40seconds. Allow 20sec rest to transition between each exercise. Repeat the entire workout 3x. If an exercise [...]

Fab 10 Circuit2019-07-17T08:36:08-08:00



#GAMEDAY Back to the old glory days of sports workouts. Perform 5 sets of the 3 power related exercise as superset allowing about 20-30sec [...]

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