Mt. Everest


MT EVEREST Welcome to Mt. Everest and your summit attempt. Start with 10 reps of exercise 1, 20 reps of exercise 2, 30 reps [...]

Mt. Everest2019-07-17T09:34:19-08:00

The Repeater


THE REPEATER This workout at it's core is a circuit.  Start with exercise #1 for 30sec, then complete repeater drill #1 for 16 total [...]

The Repeater2019-07-16T10:06:35-08:00

After Burners


AFTER BURNERS Start this workout by setting your timer for 30sec for the first burnout drill. Perform as many reps of "Burnout 1" as [...]

After Burners2019-07-15T11:26:36-08:00

Gear Changer


GEAR CHANGER This workout is all about changing gears and intensity. Start the workout by starting your timer. Complete exercise 1A for the first [...]

Gear Changer2019-07-17T08:32:14-08:00

Ten and Back


TEN AND BACK This workout is an ascending and descending ladder set. The first round of the circuit you will perform 2 reps on [...]

Ten and Back2019-07-17T08:03:44-08:00

Burpees or Bust


BURPEES OR BUST It's all about conquering 125 burpees today.  Yeah, we are that crazy!  Start your timer for 1 minute intervals. Complete exercise [...]

Burpees or Bust2019-07-17T08:33:04-08:00

Be Your Hero


BE YOUR HERO This set is a minute on and minute off set aimed at chipping away reps toward an exercise. Start your timer [...]

Be Your Hero2019-07-17T08:51:42-08:00

A Little Less Time


A LITTLE LESS TIME Perform as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) on each set in the allotted time. The first 6-minute round you will [...]

A Little Less Time2019-07-15T11:16:16-08:00
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