The Countdown


The Countdown AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. In this workout, start with the first superset and perform as many rounds as possible [...]

The Countdown2019-07-15T10:53:45-08:00

Gone in 40 Seconds


Gone In 40 Seconds This workout is a HIIT circuit workout. Start with exercise 1 for 40sec. then allow 20sec rest before moving into [...]

Gone in 40 Seconds2019-07-15T11:33:53-08:00

TABATA With Attitude


Tabata With Attitude This workout is a TABATA interval set mixed with cardio drills. Start with exercise 1A and complete six rounds of 20sec [...]

TABATA With Attitude2019-07-17T08:42:13-08:00

Easter Bunny Training


Easter Bunny Training This workout contains several purposeful sets dedicated toward power, strength, cardio, and core drills. With each set try to be purposeful [...]

Easter Bunny Training2019-07-17T08:20:58-08:00

Down The Rabbit Hole


Down The Rabbit Hole This workout is a descending ladder workout. Start with performing 100 reps of the first exercise, then 90 reps of [...]

Down The Rabbit Hole2019-07-16T10:28:07-08:00

8 Minutes All In


8 Minutes All In AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. In this workout, you will start with set 1 and perform as many [...]

8 Minutes All In2019-07-15T10:54:25-08:00
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