Let it Burn


Let It Burn This workout is a series of burnout sets. Start your timer and complete as many reps as possible of the first [...]

Let it Burn2019-07-15T11:23:07-08:00

Last Chance Workout 2018


Last Chance Workout 2018 This workout is all about building strength and aerobic capacity. Start the timer for five minutes to begin the workout. [...]

Last Chance Workout 20182019-07-15T11:06:23-08:00

Lean Mean TABATA Machine


Lean Mean TABATA Machine This workout is a TABATA interval set mixed with cardio drills. Start with exercise 1A and complete six rounds of [...]

Lean Mean TABATA Machine2019-07-17T08:43:42-08:00

Countdown to 2019


Countdown To 2019 This workout is a ladder circuit starting at 10 reps and finishing at 1 rep per exercise. Start by performing 10 [...]

Countdown to 20192019-07-16T10:40:22-08:00

The Road to 2019


The Road To 2019 In this workout, your goal is to get 2,019 jumps of jump rope. To modify, pick either 1,500 or 1,000 [...]

The Road to 20192019-07-17T09:27:49-08:00

Minute to Christmas


Minutes To Christmas This workout is a set of repeating minutes. Start your timer for 10minutes and begin exercise 1A for the indicated reps. [...]

Minute to Christmas2019-07-17T08:50:14-08:00

Reindeer Training


REINDEER TRAINING This workout is 3 different sets of exercises that combine a strength, power, and cardio drills. Perform the indicated reps for exercise [...]

Reindeer Training2019-07-17T08:23:35-08:00
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