American Hero


American Hero Be your own hero in this set by completing 100 reps of the A exercise. Start your timer for 1 minute and [...]

American Hero2019-07-17T08:46:56-08:00

Minute to Christmas


Minutes To Christmas This workout is a set of repeating minutes. Start your timer for 10minutes and begin exercise 1A for the indicated reps. [...]

Minute to Christmas2019-07-17T08:50:14-08:00

Be Your Hero


BE YOUR HERO This set is a minute on and minute off set aimed at chipping away reps toward an exercise. Start your timer [...]

Be Your Hero2019-07-17T08:51:42-08:00

Nothing But Fireworks


Nothing But Fireworks Perform strength exercise 1 for 20sec, immediately after strength exercise 1 perform speed exercise 1 for 20sec moving as quickly and [...]

Nothing But Fireworks2019-07-17T08:52:59-08:00