Turbo This Workout


Turbo This workout is a HIIT circuit workout involving changes in speed. Perform exercise 1 at a moderate pace for 15sec. Then perform that [...]

Turbo This Workout2019-07-15T11:41:43-08:00

Say it Ain’t So


Say It Ain't So... This is a total completed reps workout. Pick either 100, 125, or 150 burpees as a goal to complete over [...]

Say it Ain’t So2019-07-15T11:42:22-08:00

Time Warp


Time Warp This workout is an on the minute set. You will alternate between the A and B exercises in each set on the [...]

Time Warp2019-07-17T08:11:46-08:00

Conquering Goliath


CONQUERING GOLIATH This workout is an accumulation of 1000 reps. Start with set 1 and cycle between the 3 exercises (A, B, C) and [...]

Conquering Goliath2019-07-17T09:27:17-08:00

240 Seconds!


240 Seconds! AMRAP means as many rounds as possible. In this workout, start with the first superset and perform as many rounds as possible [...]

240 Seconds!2019-07-15T11:04:28-08:00

Criss Cross


Criss Cross This workout is a series of alternating ladder supersets. Each superset contains 2 exercises which you will aternate back and forth. Start [...]

Criss Cross2019-07-16T10:38:13-08:00
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