Minute Made


MINUTE MADE Hopefully by the end of this workout you can say you"made" every minute! Start your 1-minute timer. Begin the workout by completing [...]

Minute Made2019-07-17T08:15:13-08:00

Shred and Tread


SHRED AND TREAD This workout is all about building strength and aerobic capacity. Start the timer for five minutes to begin the workout. Perform [...]

Shred and Tread2019-07-15T11:12:50-08:00

The Criss Cross


THE CRISS CROSS This workout combines ascending and descending rep patterns. Start with set 1.  Complete 10 reps of exercise A and then 1 [...]

The Criss Cross2019-07-17T07:59:03-08:00

Max Out The Minute


Max Out The Minute This workout is all about pushing hard for 1-minute at a time. Start with set 1 and perform the first [...]

Max Out The Minute2019-07-15T11:25:17-08:00

The Need for Speed


THE NEED FOR SPEED This workout is all about changing gears. Start with 20sec of strength work at a sustained pace.  Next perform 20sec [...]

The Need for Speed2019-07-17T08:27:26-08:00

The Quest for 1


The Quest For 1 This workout is an ongoing quest to get down to 1 rep. Start with 10 reps per exercise. The next [...]

The Quest for 12019-07-17T07:59:41-08:00

Holdin’ Nothin’ Back


Holdin' Nothin' Back This workout starts with a push of explosive work, then moves into strength, and finishes with a sweat dripping cardio set. [...]

Holdin’ Nothin’ Back2019-07-17T08:28:00-08:00
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