Scary Ladder


SCARY LADDER This workout is a descending ladder set. Start with 100 reps of the first exercise, then 90 reps of the second exercise. [...]

Scary Ladder2019-09-29T07:23:42-08:00

The Superhero


THE SUPERHERO Be your own hero in this set by completing 100 reps of the A exercise. Start your timer for 1 minute and [...]

The Superhero2019-07-17T08:25:42-08:00

Batman’s Core


BATMAN'S CORE This workout combines strength exercises and core exercises. Start with 30seconds of the first A exercise (strength) followed by the 30seconds of [...]

Batman’s Core2019-07-17T09:29:11-08:00

Round & Down


Round & Down This workout is an AMRAP workout (as many rounds as possible). Perform 12 reps on every exercise in the set and [...]

Round & Down2019-07-15T11:12:07-08:00

60sec Burn


60sec Burn This workout is a series of 60-second burnouts. Start with exercise 1A and perform as many reps as you can with good [...]

60sec Burn2019-07-15T11:24:39-08:00

Speedy On The Minute


SPEEDY ON THE MINUTE This workout is a top of the minute workout. Start your watch and perform exercise 1A for the indicated reps [...]

Speedy On The Minute2019-07-17T08:14:16-08:00

Speed Shifter


SPEED SHIFTER In this workout, you will start with 15sec slow of exercise 1A, then shift gears and perform the same exercise 1A for [...]

Speed Shifter2019-07-17T08:26:15-08:00
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