Captain America Strong


Captain America Strong This workout contains several purposeful sets dedicated toward power, strength, cardio, and core drills. With each set try to be purposeful [...]

Captain America Strong2019-07-17T08:19:11-08:00

Fireworks On Fire


Fireworks On Fire This workout is an alternating series of burnout and recovery exercises every minute. Start with the first exercise in set 1 [...]

Fireworks On Fire2019-07-15T11:18:50-08:00

American Hero


American Hero Be your own hero in this set by completing 100 reps of the A exercise. Start your timer for 1 minute and [...]

American Hero2019-07-17T08:46:56-08:00

Top to Bottom


Top To Bottom This workout is a descending ladder workout. Start with performing 100 reps of the first exercise, then 90 reps of the [...]

Top to Bottom2019-07-16T10:12:38-08:00

Heart Pounding Buffness


Heart Pounding Buffness This workout is all about building strength and aerobic capacity. Start the timer for five minutes to begin the workout. Perform [...]

Heart Pounding Buffness2019-07-17T08:19:51-08:00

Sweatin’ Into Summer


Sweatin' Into Summer This workout is a HIIT circuit workout involving strength and cardio drills. Start with strength exercise 1 for 30sec. When finished [...]

Sweatin’ Into Summer2019-07-15T11:31:11-08:00
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