12 Days of August


12 Days Of August This workout is designed to drop off exercises as you go. Start with exercise 12 and complete 12 reps. Next, [...]

12 Days of August2019-07-17T08:30:39-08:00

Alternating Ladders


ALTERNATING LADDERS This workout is a series of alternating ladders consisting of 2 exercises. Perform a superset with exercises 1A and 1B.  Exercise 1A [...]

Alternating Ladders2019-07-17T08:02:33-08:00

Tortoise and the Hare


Tortoise And The Hare This workout is a series of supersets with speed changes. Start with 15sec of exercise A at a slower pace, [...]

Tortoise and the Hare2019-07-17T08:31:41-08:00



# GAINS This workout is a good 'ol fashion circuit. Perform 3 rounds of the circuit. Each exercise should be performed for 40sec of [...]


10 Burnouts


10 Burnouts In this workout, each set has an A and a B exercise. Start you clock for 2:30 and perform as many reps [...]

10 Burnouts2019-12-08T14:22:03-08:00
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