40 Sec All In!


40sec All In! This workout is a HIIT circuit workout. Start with exercise 1 for 40sec. then allow 20sec rest before moving into exercise [...]

40 Sec All In!2019-07-15T11:41:09-08:00

The Mix-Up


THE MIX-UP This workout is all about building strength and aerobic capacity. Start the timer for five minutes to begin the workout. Perform as [...]

The Mix-Up2019-07-15T10:59:19-08:00

Sweaty and Swol


SWEATY AND SWOL This workout is a TABATA interval set mixed with cardio drills. Start with exercise 1A and complete six rounds of 20sec [...]

Sweaty and Swol2019-07-17T08:43:12-08:00
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