February 10-16, 2019






Recover With Purpose

Recovery is a big deal. Recovery is when your body becomes stronger and realizes the work of your training. Focus on post workout nutrition and your recovery intervals this week.


1. Recovery Nutrition. Strive to get your post workout nutrition in this week. Some form of carbohydrate and protein following the workout is key to helping your body rebuild from the workout stronger.  A coupling of protein and carbohydrate is best and your body is most receptive to it in the first 30 minutes after the workout. For a series of reasons, your muscle cell’s glut4 receptors are most active in the first 30 minutes following the workout. These are the same receptors that help to shuttle carbohydrate into the muscles either for work or for glycogen storage. You can think of this team of glut4 receptors and carbohydrate as the express shuttle for protein to be able to get into the cell and start rebuilding.
My favorite post workout combo of carbohydrate and protein is taking a pure whey / casein protein and blending it together in a fruit/veggie smoothie with frozen berries, spinach, and almond milk. Make sure to pick a clean and high quality protein. It is hard to beat the time tested benefits of a whey protein isolate combined with casein. Make sure your whey protein is an isolate form and not concentrate (isolate is higher quality). The whey protein isolate provides a very fast acting protein. Casein is a slower acting protein that allows for amino acid supply for a much longer time after consumption. The combo of whey and casein allows for both quick and later stages of recovery. Collagen protein can be another great protein for individuals with dairy allergy. The collagen also has some additional health benefits for joints, tendons, and other repair processes. Hemp and pea proteins can also be great options for those individuals looking for a vegetarian or vegan alternative. Whatever your protein, make sure you know the source is organic and clean. Whey comes from cows, make sure the whey is derived from cows that were grass fed. Hemp and pea proteins should be organically grown and without pesticide. Quality matters!
2. Rest With Purpose. There is a reason that rest intervals and active recovery intervals are included in our workouts. Some workouts are designed with limited recovery, but many of our workouts are designed so you get a chance to recover before going into each set. Being recovered going into the set, allows you to push harder with heavier weights and move more quickly. Good recovery leads to higher intensity which means you get to tap into more fast twitch muscle fibers, improve nervous system response, and tap a different energy system.  Use these recovery periods purposefully this week and focus on resting during your rest intervals. Then when the time comes again to work during the work interval, push yourself to the limits.


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We love to keep meals healthy, easy, and tasty!  Try some of these awesome recipes this week.

Protein Packed Coffee Smoothie

It doesn’t get much better than this after an early morning workout session!


Mediterranean Lentil Salad

There is a nothing like a crispy, flavorful salad to satisfy our vegetable cravings in the middle of winter!

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa

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