March 10-16, 2019






Not All Water Is Created Equal

This Week is all about checking your fluid intake and making sure that your water, electrolyte drink, or sports drink is the right option when you are drinking it. Also, get your double day sweat in this week!


1. March Madness Challenge Continues. Work hard this week to get another 1-2 days of double workouts. Getting a couple double day workouts will rev up your energy expenditure and challenge your body in a new way!
2. Drink Up. Make sure you are drinking the right fluid choice at the right time this week. Pure water is not always the best answer. Know your fluids and keep hydrated this week. Check out our helpful tips below about various types of water and electrolyte drinks.
  • When To Drink Water: Water is a great option to drink most of the time as long as you don’t have any real strenuous and long activities planned. If your temperatures are cooler and your sweat rate is not real high, water will suffice.  With that said, not all water is created equal, We recommend choosing a water that has a neutral pH, or slightly on the base side of things.  Aquafina, Dasani, and many of the other mass produced waters are rather acidic, and not the best choice. SmartWater, Essentia, Fiji, and several other brands have a more neutral pH and also add some minerals and electrolytes into it.
  • When To Drink Electrolytes: On hot temperature days, or days where you are sweating a lot, but only for about 60minutes of less, electrolytes added to your water can be a great option. Your body gets depleted of electrolytes (particularly sodium and potassium), through sweat. The warmer and more humid the environment, the more these levels are depleted. Electrolytes can also increase the rate of absorption of water. Pure water does not absorb into the system as fast as an electrolyte water absorbs into your body. Although waters like SmartWater and a few others have some electrolytes in them, they are really not enough when the temperatures increase or if you are exercising a lot. Nooma, Skratch, Nuun, Kill Cliff, and a few other companies have some great electrolyte drinks that don’t add a bunch of Calories.  They use some very natural ingredients and can give you that electrolyte boost when you are planning to sweat a lot. Coconut water can also be a decent option for an electrolyte drink, although it is much more heavily loaded with potassium than some of the other electrolytes. These drinks can be consumed before, during, or after activity.
  • When To Drink Sports Drink: Sports drinks also have their place. Sports drinks typically are packed with electrolytes and also have an increased carbohydrate content. These are great for when you are exercising longer than 60-90minutes. We really only recommend these beverages be consumed surrounding or during your long workouts. Make sure to be picky about your sports drinks, there are definitely some bad options out there. Skratch, KillCliff, or Hammer Nutrition are probably our favorite product brands when you need a sports drink for the long haul.


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